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What is Comercial General Liability?

  • A customer slips on the floor of your restaurant. All medical bills of the customer and a possible lawsuit would be covered.
  • While working a repair on a customer’s property, you accidentally damage another part of the customer’s property. The damage resulting from this accident will be covered from your general liability.

Here at Diversified Risk Solutions, we understand that mistakes can happen with or without an individual’s wrong doing. That’s why we are always here to help.

Generally depends on many factors which include: The business type, the location, number of employees and level of risk due to exposer.

What is not covered under General Liability: Employee Injuries, Professional Mistakes, Auto-Related Coverage, Punitive Damages, Intentional Acts

Ways General Liability Protects Your Business:

Third-Party Bodily Injury (e.g., slip-and-fall) A customer slips and hits their head. General Liability will cover their medical expenses and legal aid if they sue your business.

Third-Party Property Damage (e.g., broken fence in customer’s backyard) In case of damage to a customer’s property, your General Liability insurance can help pay to repair or replace the damaged item.

Product Liability (e.g., automobile accident from disabled brakes) If your product does damage an individual’s property or inflicts harm on the individual, general liability insurance will help pay legal expenses.

Advertising Injury (e.g., damaging a company’s reputation, misleading information) If another company or individual sues you for slander or misleading copyrights, General Liability will protect your business during a lawsuit.

Additional Liability Coverage’s

Liquor Liability

Pollution Liability

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