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Why Do You Need Auto Policy?

When you’re on the road, you may not be able to control what you encounter at every turn, but you can control the security of your finances if ever faced with an accident. From a minor fender bender to a major collision, your personal auto insurance policy can make sure you get back on the road as soon as possible.

Your auto policy covers more than just you. Those protected include: Individuals you grant permission to drive your insured vehicle, Family members residing in your household who do not own their own car (relation must be by blood, adoption, or marriage), Passengers who are in the car while you are driving

If you do experience an auto related incident, the last thing you want to worry about is if you have proper coverage. At Diversified Risk Solutions, we understand the importance of knowing your policy ahead of time so that you can drive with an ease of mind.

A personal auto insurance policy might cover:

Costs for repairing or replacing your vehicle if you experience a collision

Costs arising from incidents other than collision, such as severe weather, that result in damage to your vehicle

Costs arising from liabilities such as accidental damage to property, injuries inflicted on others, or lawsuits

Costs from damages or medical care caused by a driver who is uninsured, underinsured, or unknown

Medical payments required for any care you or your passengers need after an accident

Personal injury protection (PIP), reimbursing you and your passengers if an accident results in a loss of income or medical costs

Limits on coverage types like medical payments and personal injury protection can be adjusted to fit your personal needs. You can also further customize your policy by selecting additional coverage types such as towing and roadside service, rental car reimbursement, lease or loan gaps from depreciation, accident forgiveness, and more.

With various limits and coverage types that can be selected as well as variability in premiums based on your driving history, we at Diversified Risk Solutions are here to help you navigate your options to find a policy that is fit to let you enjoy the open road.

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