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Why Do You Need Boat Insurance?

You deserve to be able to fully enjoy your boat without worrying about you, your watercraft, or the friends and family you share it with. At Diversified Risk Solutions, we can help you find the right boat insurance for you so that you don’t ever have to stop enjoying the open water.

Your boat insurance covers:

•Repair or replacement costs for your watercraft that are caused by a collision

•Liability expenses resulting from injury inflicted on others, damage to other property, or legal defense

•Financial losses from incidents other than collision under comprehensive coverage

•Bodily injury costs for you or your passengers caused by an uninsured or underinsured boater

It is also important to consider:

Additional available coverage types vary depending on the insurance company, including oil spill cleanup, on-water assistance and repair service, and uninsured or underinsured water coverage.

Your coverage protects you against risks such as: Sinking, Capsizing, Storms, Collision, Fire, Stranding, Explosion, Theft

Your premium will vary depending on factors such as your location of use, the watercraft, your driving records, training or certifications, or if your boat is stored during certain times of the year. At Diversified Risk Solutions, we are here to help you decide what coverage types are most appropriate for your needs so that you can spend less time navigating various policies and more time navigating the water.

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