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Construction Industry?

Construction is so much more than workers completing and restructuring any kind of project. Construction insurance includes general liability, workers’ compensation, commercial auto insurance, and much more. Homes, offices, stores, and outdoor properties such as backyards to stadiums and bridges, etc. can all be under construction at some point. Not just the typical contractor needs construction insurance; in fact it may be more individuals than someone may think. A large group of individuals are responsible for a successful outcome of these projects and always are responsible any damages that may go wrong.

Any business that works with building construction, heavy contraction, or home improvements carry risk that can wipe out their business and or livelihood. We offer many types of construction insurance that will fit your line of work such as: Security Company Insurance, Developer insurance, Welding Insurance, Home Builder Insurance, Contractors insurance, Plumber insurance, Handyman insurance, Electrician insurance, Carpenter insurance

Facts about the Industry:

Provides jobs for more than 7.3 million employees

On average workers are compensated fairly high at about $21.68 per hour

Construction spending totaled $1.16 trillion, about (8.4% of GDP)

This industry is a major purchaser of U.S manufactured products, averaging at about $518 million each year

Challenges in the Industry:Poor productivity and profitability, Project performance, Skilled labor shortages, Sustainability concerns, Technology adoption

While working on projects such as ones with a large investment rate and multiple complex parts, there many types of risks that can threaten a business. They can range from contractual and surety needs to environmental exposures and federal protected areas to security of the site.

Our brokers can help to customize the coverage your business needs. For example, a contractor working on a small project such an addition to a single family home, would want to look into contractors liability and builders risk insurance. This would cover necessary medical expense, legal and court fees and if it went so far as a settlement. Builders risk insurance could take care of damages, theft, and fire on the premise.

Throughout the construction industry there are countless ways for accidents to happen. It is best to stay ahead of the traffic and keep everything simple the first time around with our help.

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