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What is Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial Property Insurance helps your business stay protected in case of an emergency. It covers the business’ property, all the tools and equipment, and any kind of assets inside the building that are owned or leased. Businesses can also have different commercial property insurance on different items. If there are certain valuable papers or records, there can be additional coverage on those specific pieces.

Why is it so important?

This type of insurance is designed to give broad protection and lots of flexibility. It can be tailored for your business and for your own unique business acquisitions. Policies can be adjusted and changed when need be. It is critical to your company’s survival. Here at Diversified Risk Solutions, we know that businesses don’t just start up one day. We know that blood, sweat, and tears went into your business. We want to help protect all of your assets secure your business’s future.

Most Common Covered Claims

Commercial property insurance will usually include business interruption coverage. This accounts for covered damages that cause the business to relocate or close temporarily by reimbursing ongoing expenses.

Burglary and theft

Water damage and freezing: Floods, Burst pipes, Sewer backup, Slow leaks, Roof leaks, Ground water seepage

Wind and hail damage

Fire Damage

Hurricanes and floods are a very significant source of property damage and take a very large sum of money.

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