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How to Protect your Home?

Homeowners insurance is designed to cover your home and any possessions inside of it from risks such as burglary, theft, fire, or severe storms. If you have guests over, your home liability coverage can protect you from financial responsibility that may arise if anyone gets injured during their visit or if any of their personal property is damaged at your residence.

A standard homeowners policy does not cover damage caused by earthquakes and floods, so additional coverage must be purchased to prevent losses from such risks. At Diversified Risk Solutions, we can help you determine the appropriate amount of home insurance coverage and which policy additions are best for helping you and those you care about feel safe in your home.

Property coverage for homeowners insurance includes:

Dwelling and other structures: Necessary repairs or replacements are provided for your house or any other structures on your property.

Personal Property: Stolen or damaged personal possessions may be repaired or replaced.

Loss of use: If you need to live elsewhere as a result of a covered loss, your policy can cover additional living expenses so that you can continue to maintain your regular standard of living. If a covered loss affects a part of the residence that is rented out, the policy can cover the loss of fair rental value.

Liability coverage for homeowners insurance includes:

Personal Liability: If you are held responsible for an accident that causes bodily harm or property damage to a guest on your premises, your policy can cover costs for defending any claims against you up to your policy limit.

Medical Payments: All medical expenses that you are required to pay within three years of an accident that caused bodily injury to a guest will be paid for up to your policy limit.

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