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Why Do You Need Plane Insurance?

If you own or operate a private aircraft, protecting such an investment with aircraft insurance so that you can fly with confidence is a given. On the other hand, how to navigate the complex array of coverage options can be much more of an unknown. At Diversified Risk Solutions, we understand the importance of knowing your options so that you can find the appropriate amount of coverage.

Your airplane insurance would cover: Liability costs arising from damages to other property caused by your aircraft, Liability costs arising from passenger injury or death when in your aircraft, Aircraft hull, including costs arising out of physical damage to your aircraft

It is also important to consider:

Some companies provide the option to combine both public property and passenger liability under a single limit. Different forms of aircraft hull insurance are also available, with risk coverage types ranging from those occurring only when your plane is grounded to anywhere in the air.

Costs vary depending on factors such as aircraft size, value, training, flying history, and more. We at Diversified Risk Solutions are here to help you navigate your various policy options to find the most appropriate fit for you and your flying needs.

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