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Mining Industry

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Mining Industry

Mining is considered a hazardous industry to work in, and no matter how hard you work to make it a safe environment something is bound to happen that will be out of your hand. There are also so many risks associated in this field. In the event that something does occur or a risk becomes reality it is vital to protect yourself.

Types of Insurance:

• Automobile

• General liability

• Workers’ compensation

• Crime

• Fire

• Environmental impairment liability

• Product liability

Facts about the Mining industry:

The Mining Industry employs over 3 million people

Americans will use 40,000 of pounds of minerals every year

$6 billion of minerals is exported annually

Mining is the highest-paying industrial occupation

The Mining Industry is expensive to run. There are many factors that are necessary to be successful and if these materials are damaged, stolen, etc., then your company will suffer. Mining equipment is highly expensive and to keep your business running smoothly you need insurance so you won’t be out of millions of dollars if something happened to it. Diversified Risk Solutions is there to keep your company focused on what it needs to while we focus on keeping you protected

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