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What is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland marine insurance provides coverage for a wide range of property and protects company assets. This type of policy works to insure items such medical equipment, fine art, solar energy, and even clothing. Inland marine insurance is also designed to cover transportation and communication from cell phone towers and commuter rail systems. It first started out as insuring the means of transportation over ocean marine. Now, it is both used across ocean marine and over land.

A business that works off-site, transports good and products, and or are in possession of a customer’s property typically needs inland marine insurance.

What is covered?

Computers, Tools and equipment’s for artisan contractors, Fine art dealers, Motor truck cargo, Photographers, Animals: In the event of theft, escape, death, Veterinarians: Covers animals belonging to while in the custody of a vet, The actual vending machine, not what is included inside, Dealers service: Applications, flooring, and plumbing

Examples of Inland Marine Covers

Construction: Work is usually off site and is used to protect contractor’s equipment, installation, builder’s risk, and cranes and riggers liability

Technology: Used to protect communication towers, installation, and renewable energy equipment

Transportation: Originally focused on transportation, inland marine insurance protects motor truck cargo, related property.

Equipment: Inland marine insurance is useful when a company has many kinds of equipment such as agriculture and landscaping, computer, electronics, medical, sales and special events, flooring, entertainment, and sales and rental dealers

Miscellaneous inland marine: Includes coverage for items not in a typical property insurance policy such as, exhibitions, fine arts, instruments, bailees (coverage for a clients property when left in the care of someone), signs, and vending machines.

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