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Finance & Insurance Industry?

The finance and insurance industry is necessary in ensuring that all businesses can run smoothly. From providing funds for operations to managing risks to protect assets, industry professionals help enterprises grow and meet their financial needs.

Regardless of size, businesses in the finance and insurance industry face a variety of risks due to the nature of their operations. Whether the business is managing large amounts of money and private information or has clients whose financial security depends on their services, having insurance to protect both professionals and those they service is crucial.

From errors and omissions coverage to fidelity and crime insurance, there is a vast array of options to meet every industry professional’s needs. At Diversified Risk Solutions, our qualified agents are here to make sure finance and insurance professionals can find the appropriate coverage types that will allow them to keep businesses running, regardless of if an incident occurs.

Facts about the finance and insurance industry:

In the beginning of 2017, the industry employed 6,212,700 individuals (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

The most common jobs include financial managers, insurance sales agents, and tellers (Census Bureau)

Projected growth in jobs for the next 10 years is 0.7% (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Projected growth in output for the next 10 years is 2.7% (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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