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Public Administration Industry

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Public Administration Industry

The Public Administration industry is compromised of governmental agencies. The businesses in this sector work on the federal, state, and local levels. They oversee and manage a number of public organizations and funding services. Common jobs in this sector include: social workers, counselors, and elementary and middle schoolteachers.

Coverage Types for Industry Include: General Liability, Property Insurance, Cyber Liability and Data-Breach Insurance

Public Administration Business Types: Executive, Legislative and other Government Support, Justice, Public Order and Safety Activates, Administration of Human Resources Programs, Administration of environmental quality programs, Administration of Housing Programs, Administration of Economic Programs, Space Research and Technology, National Security, Internal Affairs

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Facts about this industry:

Skills that are disbursed in this industry are anything from monitoring, speaking, system analysis, and even complex problem solving etc.

Most common industries include individual and family services, elementary and secondary schools, hospitals, outpatient care centers, and administration of human recourse programs

There are close to 683,612 people in this workforce

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