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What is umbrella insurance and why do you need it?

Umbrella Insurance makes sure you always have options and a reliable nest to fall back on. This insurance plan provides an additional layer on top of an existing liability protection plan for when a claim exceeds the normal limit. Businesses often get umbrella insurance since professional liability can be quickly exhausted in an event of a high amount of legal fees directed toward you or your business. This insurance will secure all business assets, and it is definitely useful if you work in a field that is prone to litigation.

Examples of Liability Risks

Your employee says a damaging statement about another corporation on a social media platform

A server spills a hot dish on a patron

A company’s product causes a user to have a serious medical reaction

Here at Diversified Risk Solutions, we want to help you. Everyone is entitled to umbrella insurance. We all take pride in our home, cars, and savings and no one wants to see your assets being put in jeopardy in case of an accident. Costly accidents can happen to anyone and at anytime. Call today to get a quote for added protection for your business.

How Does It Work?

A business that has a physical location.

There is a possibility of being sued: for example, a customer spills and falls on your floor

There are assets that could be stolen or damaged

BOP Might also covers:

Let’s say legal fees and all costs came to $4 million, and the client had $1 million worth of commercial liability and $6 million worth of business umbrella. The company would be responsible for paying the first $1 million and the umbrella liability policy would cover the remaining $3 million dollars of the claim. An umbrella policy is beneficial in this case since you don’t have to dip into your own account to collect the funds.

Umbrella Insurance is a safety net. Companies may never end up using it but in the event that your business would need it, there is no way to know the extent of the situation in advance. To protect your business, call us toady.

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