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What is Special Event Insurance?

If you are hosting a special event, an insurance plan is an important safeguard you may not have considered. Special event insurance is recommended for occasions as intimate as weddings and birthday parties to larger-scale gatherings like concerts and trade shows. This type of insurance is usually very affordable and widely available. It also must be purchased prior to the event – don’t forget to make sure that it is in line with your venue’s insurance requirements.

Different event insurance providers offer a wide range of plans to suit your event’s unique needs. Some have specific eligibility standards – for example, a maximum number of guests or participants. Special event insurance can cover venue deposits, cancellations, property damage, rental equipment damage, bodily injury for guests and/or staff, and more. Be sure to conduct thorough research and understand important exclusions. Some special event insurance plans will only cover gatherings without alcohol, while others will only consider private events, and so on.

What does special event insurance cover?

Special events are teeming with guests and staff, and almost always hosted at a rented venue using rented equipment. With these factors combined, the risk of property damage or bodily harm can be higher than you think. Weddings in particular come with their own unique set of concerns: in the event of a cancellation or postponement, an insurance package can cover flowers, wedding rings, wedding cake, tuxedos, a wedding dress, and vendor complications.

If any of your vendors claim that your rental equipment was returned in a damaged state, you may incur large replacement fees that will set you back significantly. Insurance can help cover these costs. If a guest or staff member is injured for any reason, special event insurance usually includes lawsuit coverage or can be used to pay for certain medical expenses.

Special event insurance would cover the cost of the following: Bodily injury for guests, or incidents caused by guests, Event cancellation or postponement, Guest lawsuits, Venue property damage, Host liquor liability, Unexpected vendor issues (i.e. company shutdown), Rented equipment, Weather insurance, Leased vehicle insurance

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